Intensive computer courses for students and adults
Informatics courses, with the physical presence and continuous guidance of a specialized teacher, for the acquisition of a recognized certification of informatics.

The courses are aimed at those who wish to obtain a recognized certificate for the Public Sector (competitions and announcements, evaluation, transfers) or the private sector, postgraduate, etc. but also to those who want to expand their essential skills

The certificate is valid for life, is recognized by EOPPEP and is recognized by ASEP.

Classes are flexible. The start, hours and days of attendance are determined by you. Monday-Saturday (09:00 to 22:00)

The courses last, depending on the level of the department, from two weeks to two months. But usually most (90%) are completed within a month.


Classes are held in fully equipped computer rooms that have:

Modern PCs (i5, 4GB RAM)
Gigabit LAN network. Internet connection with two VDSL lines
Projector, paintings

The rooms are offered free of charge for unlimited internships.


There is free rich educational material, electronic exam material, exam test simulation and evaluation tests. At the same time, we offer individualized evaluation, by specialized teachers, for when the prospective student is ready for his exams.

We use specialized teachers with great experience and very high success rates.

The exams take place in our center and in the same room where you will be trained. Participation in each exam module (Windows, Word, Excel, Internet, PowerPoint, Access) lasts 45 ‘. A candidate on the same day can be tested in up to six (6) different modules. For the public you need the 3 modules (Word, Excel, Internet).

To participate, contact KEK Mentor at 2531033150 or 2531033334. Otherwise, you can fill in the form below and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.