We would like to inform you that KEK Mentor in collaboration with associations and employers’ representative bodies in the area will implement subsidized vocational training programs for employees in small businesses which employ from 1 to 49 people through OAED LAEK program 1-49 year 2019. The start date for submission of proposals will be announced in a new relevant announcement by OAED but is expected to be late November to early December.

The topics of the seminars are selected in collaboration with the respective associations and labor centers. Some of the topics that will be implemented this year are:

Electronic invoicing, electronic invoices
E-books Α.Α.Δ.Ε. for all businesses
Efficient and enjoyable teleworking – modern tools – methods
Design – construction – eshop management
Online sales without eshop
Create an eshop that will bring sales
How to increase the sales of your eshop
Google Ads & SEO in practice
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Modern marketing
Introduction to infectious diseases
New coronavirus protection measures
Stress management and professional burnout
Conflicts and dealing with problems in the workplace
Customer service seminars in times of crisis
Customer management & satisfaction
Privacy and protection of personal data in the era of the pandemic
GDPR – General Regulation on Personal Data Protection
Training of Data Protection Officers
Use of computer and organization of secretariat
Digital skills and computer skills
In addition to the above issues, we are in constant communication with the trade unions / associations in order to create further topics based on the real needs of the market.

The seminars have a total duration of 40 teaching hours and each trainee who will participate in the program, will receive a training allowance of € 5.00 per training hour (total € 200). Upon completion of the seminar he will receive a certificate of attendance.

Participation in the seminar is funded through the Account for Employment and Vocational Training (LAEK). Each company that employs staff pays 0.24% of the gross salary of the employee to EFKA, together with the contributions paid by the employer.

To register you must fill in the following documents (you can download them by clicking):


Application form
Responsible statement for the processing of personal data

and bring them to our offices. Keep in mind that due to limited places, order of priority will be observed.

For more information, questions or expression of interest do not hesitate to contact us