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Voucher Work includes 7 months of work and 1 month of training. The new cycle concerns 25,000 beneficiaries and offers an eight-month job in which 1 month is training. The daily fee is € 21.84, while the monthly fee is up to 546 €.

Beneficiaries are only registered unemployed in the OAED unemployment registers who belong to at least one of the following categories.

The action includes:

  1. Placement in a specific job position for 8 months in total in Municipalities, Regions, Social Welfare Centers of Regions (KKPP) / related bodies and Services of Ministries and other bodies.
  2. Theoretical training program up to 150 hours, depending on the thematic subject chosen by the beneficiary, which will lead to the certification of knowledge and skills that will be acquired under the program. (The theoretical training program is included in the 8 months of employment)

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Our many years of experience in the field of training allows us to maximize the chances of your choice in the position you prefer.