The Safety Technician Seminar is for all employers. According to the legislation (link) every employer who employs employees, must have a person responsible for the safety and health of employees in the workplace.

The security technician can be the employer or an employee of the company.

For the determination of the qualifications of the safety technician and for the calculation of his working time, the companies are classified in three categories A (high risk), B (medium risk), C (low risk).

The cost of the seminar for companies of B category (medium risk) is 120 € while for C category (low risk) is 60 €.

In order to participate you must submit to our offices (K. Cavafy 9):

completed the application that you will find in the following links (pdf format) or (doc format)
start from the tax office where the KAD of the company will be shown (or printing of the tab “Business Activities” from taxisnet)
in case of a company you will also need a proof of legal representation (for example printing of the tab “Legal Relationships” from taxisnet)
Alternatively, you can leave your details in the application below and one of our representatives will contact you!