KEK Mentor implements training programs for food business staff. Basis of legislation, companies that

produce, process, distribute or store food
dealing with the distribution of food (through sale or mass catering)
are confectioneries, or food production / processing laboratories

have an obligation based on the Ministerial Decision 14708 / 17-08-2007 (Government Gazette 1616/2007 Issue B) to train the above personnel in matters of Food Hygiene and Safety. EFET has issued Instructions for the Implementation of the above decision, which can be found at DIAVGEIA by clicking here

In short, company personnel whose work has anything to do with food or beverages are required to attend an EFET program.

With 17 approved and successfully implemented programs since 2014, KEK Mentor can provide you with unbeatable quality of training at the best market prices.

The thematic units of the training program are as follows:

Introduction to food safety
Microorganisms and their characteristics
Food poisoning and their prevention
Personal hygiene and food operator behavior
Cleaning practices
Common miasmas and their control
Food hygiene legislation

Upon completion of the training program, participants will receive a certificate of attendance that covers them for each control of EFET

The cost of participation amounts to 60 € (30 € for the issuance of a fee in favor of EFET and 30 € KEK fee)

If you are interested in the program you can contact us:

calling 2531033150
via email at info@kekmentor.gr

We are at your disposal for any clarification or question!

Basic material for exam preparation can be found here

Indicative exam topics can be found here

The exams will take place at the MULTIFUNCTIONAL CENTER OF KOMOTINI MUNICIPALITY at the address Gr. Marasli 1 & Pyrgos (click for instructions)

To participate in the exams you must have with you an identity document (identity card or passport or diploma) and know your personal TIN